Prepare for a takeover by two of the Netherlands most adventurous electronic artists.
Holland isn’t all about tulips and windmills, and on the 23rd of October these two electronic artists will show you what is going on at the coast of the North Sea.

Pocket Knife Army - Vivacious, bold electro-rock from a parallel universe. These two multitaskers are in absolute control of their well-equipped synthesizer space ship, completed with a roaring bass guitar and expressive vocals. The invitation to play Tallinn Music Week was the kick start of their international career, followed by a European tour. After two albums, the band now challenged themselves to release a new track and live video each month. Pocket Knife Army really is a live band, and has to be seen to be believed.
Check out ‘The Dream Eater’:

LIJO brings her literate, quirky avant-pop with a sense of adventure and disregard of any rules except her own. Being a restless and observant traveler, her music reflects that with a bright spark of creative wit and a compelling performance. She supported her debut release ‘My Inner Parts’ with a tour in the UK, was invited to play Gothenburg Cultural Festival in Sweden last summer and has her second two-part due out fall 2019.
Check out ‘Sometimes I Want Rain’:

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