Menic and Lady Gomorra are rambling their way east from Bern, Switzerland with just their songs, smiles and a trusty VW wagon. Drink a beer with them and listen to their music.
Menic delivers boot-stomping Americana. His album, "Railroad Blues Anthology" (Voodoo Rhythm Records, 2012) takes you on a journey through the swampy southern blues and bright mountain ballads. Menic's raucous voice and confident guitar fill every room, getting men clapping and girls dancing. His original songs sound like familiar tunes with stories of old cars, hard work, and fierce love everyone can relate to.

Lady Gomorra, is the truth, lies, love and loss of the world. You can be anyone when she sings sultry Italian love songs, sassy French chansons, or mournful Swiss mountain murder ballads. Her name echoes thousand year old legends, her voice is a moth in the dark, attracted to the light. Sweet as candy and dark as bourbon, Lady Gomorra became part of the cult scene with the "Frozen Pony and the Hot Skirts", Bern's rowdy girl band. Website:
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